Snow Study (from Honcho, Aomori) (2024)

Unreal Engine 5, Sound Design, Video
Unreal Engine Development/
Yuxuan Qi

A digital simulation and  study of the gentle descent of snowflakes, that serves as a resonation with the serene, hushed nature of perpetual metamorphosis harmonizing with our everyday surroundings – an often overlooked spectacle.. This visualization seeks to capture the minutiae of change and subtle transformation within a frozen moment in time that eludes the notice of passersby. Developed with Unreal Engine 5, it transforms this observational, temporary scenery into spatial consideration. Each descent unveils a unique duration, a distinctive route, and an unpredictable speed, yet collectively crafting a harmonious scenery, while presenting a fleeting and ephemeral panorama. It is a resounding declaration echoing in the profound silence of nature’s constant evolution. 

Referencing a real-life encounter in Aomori, Japan, where sunlight coaxed snow from a rooftop, I was entranced by the intricate dance of movements, shapes and ever-changing shadows. Each falling piece of snow, though seemingly uniform, bore its own subtle variations – a symphony of order amidst disarray, each imprinting its own ephemeral mark upon the landscape.