(-1s), 1s, (+1s) (2024)

Sound Performance, Immersive Experience
Ableton Live, Elektron Digitakt

Utilizing imagery and sounds sourced from personal archive, (-1s), 1s, (+1s) represents an introspective exploration into my conscious / unconscious self. I frequently employ photographs as a medium to reconstruct a ‘scenery’ extracted from past experiences. Referencing the concept of persistence of vision, I stitched together a sequence of photos that traces the observational trajectory of my walks. Throughout the video, viewers are treated to multiple variations of one captured subject matter, interspersed with moments of intense zoom in on individual elements within the image. The pace accelerates in the final two minutes, as the montage revisits each frame from start to finish in rapid succession, offering a comprehensive journey through my visual narrative. The audience becomes fully immersed with the moving picture being projected for a duration of 12 minutes.

The title is derived from a print I made last year, featuring three parallel states of one fleeting moment captured during the summer. In this image, an empty restaurant at night is depicted in three conditions: one with overexposure, one under normal condition and one with flashlight on. Symbolizing the preceding, current and subsequent moments of a scene, it encapsulates the essence of time unfolding. I’ve always been entranced by these fragmented moments, their mystical allure compelling viewers to pause and contemplate until a part of themselves feels intertwined within the scene.
Performance/Listening Session Documentation

370 Jay St. Room 220

sound samples collected between August 2023 and January 2024
the performance is made possible with ableton and the Digitakt drum machine by elektron

reference quote from Iconology: Image, Text, Ideology by W. J. T. Mitchell:


"The painting itself is material; it can be hung on a wall, placed on a table, or even burned. However, the impressions left by the painting, the imagery generated in the minds of the viewers, still persist: in memory, in narrative, in copies and traces in other media."