Interflow Downhill (2021)
Four-Channel Video Installation

Interflow, Downhill hypostatize the gradual erosion and diminishing essence of emotional exchange and bonding in contemporary society, attributing this decline to the pervasive integration of communication tools and technology in our daily routines. Tracing the history of human affective interaction and its evolution in tandem with technological advancements, it attempts to propose a nuanced perspective on the intricate relationship between techno-optimism and emotional depletion.

Through downgrading the media formats from dynamic imagery to static textual representations, the linear trajectory is juxtaposed against the transformation in means of communication from traditional letters, fax, phone calls to the boundless expanse of the internet. Building on top of the irreversible nature of this transformation, Interflow, Downhill arrives at a viewpoint asserting that, with technological progress, our capacity for expressing emotions diminishes. It aims to probe into the shifting landscape of our emotional articulation, in response to technological improvements, emphasizing the influence on the authenticity and depth of our emotional connections."