For Your Safety (2021)

Single-Channel Video Installation 

For Your Safety discusses the interplay of gender and sexual orientation within the current Chinese social landscape and its subsequent challenges, unveiling the issues around censorship prevalent in media and societal representations. Referencing the ubiquitous sign language seen at global checkpoints, this project employs it as a metaphor, highlighting the obscured information and controlled narratives pervasive in the country's media sphere. 

This metaphorical lens exposes the filtering of public imagery and the silencing of voices, particularly those of celebrities or Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) who have allegedly transgressed gender norms. The security apparatus becomes symbolic of the mechanisms used to enforce conformity to masculine ideals while simultaneously fostering fanatical adoration for femininity in men within the fan culture. Through juxtaposing authoritative scrutiny and the watchful eye of a totalitarian regime, "For Your Safety" uncovers the paradoxical tension between the government's promotion of hyper-masculinity and society's fascination with femininity in male figures.